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At Happy Paws, your pet’s health and safety are the first priority focused on in our facility.

Our manager, receptionist and overnight staff members are all “Pet First Aid” certified by the American Red Cross in which they had to attend, and pass the merits of this course. If your pet is in need of emergency care, our staff is qualified to administer the treatment needed prior to our staff vet or your veterinarian arriving.
At Happy Paws, our communication methods are state of the art as all of our staff carry cordless phones so that in case of an emergency, the need to get to a stationary or out of reach phone is not part of the equation. All staff members can reach an emergency service provider with the touch of a programmed speed dial number on their cordless units.

Happy Paws works closely with several local animal hospitals and pet health providers. We frequently have a veterinarian and/or animal hospital representatives visit our facility to monitor our facilities so that we are sure all precautions and programs are in the best interest of your pets care while in our facility. The Happy Paws General Manager and Grooming Manager are both Pet First Aid Certified by the Red Cross so that any treatment required prior to a vet’s care can be administered.

In case of an emergency with your pet, Happy Paws will contact you immediately to confirm your choice for the treatment of your pet. Should you be unavailable, we will utilize a veterinarian that will come to our facility immediately so that your pet will receive prompt, professional care.
If you have specific instructions regarding your pets care in ANY WAY, Happy Paws will abide by them with the strictest detail.
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