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Happy Paws is pleased to offer our advanced grooming department services in order to give your pet a Resort style pampering. Let’s face it your pet can have a “bad hair day” with the best of them. So why not treat your pet to the equivalent of a spa or resort style day with our staff of trained grooming professionals at Happy Paws.

When you make a grooming reservation for your dog or cat, our staff will consult with you so the results you desire can be achieved. Whether it’s clipping, allergy free, medicated baths, fluffing, etc., our professionally trained groomers will have your pet “strutting its stuff” when you arrive to pick him/her up.

At Happy Paws we take pride in caring for your four legged friends. Our knowledgeable grooming team has over 20 years of grooming experience in more than 160 breeds of dogs and cats. We have a standard of “quality over quantity” with an ongoing concern for the humane treatment of all animals. Our emphasis is on your pet’s health, safety and comfort. The facilities are hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. We have selected a line of shampoos and conditioners that are of high quality and are safe for your pet.

Meet our Groomers!

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I have been grooming dogs and cats professionally for the past fourteen years. I began my grooming experience when I had an apprenticeship in Madison, Wisconsin at the age of seventeen years old. Then I moved San Diego, California where I worked for show groomers. Three years ago I decided to move to New York City, and I have been working for Happy Paws ever since. I love all breeds- but I have a special place in my heart for grooming Poodles and Bichon Frises. I just love the flexibility and range of their grooming cuts. I have a two year old Labrador retriever and two long hair Chihuahuas, which are twelve and fourteen years old.

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I wanted to become a groomer ever since I was fifteen years old. I became a professional groomer five years ago. I decided I wanted to become a groomer because I’ve always enjoyed the art of styling dogs. Grooming is a big part of my family. My cousin and other family members own a grooming business. My love for grooming is so great that I inspired my mother and sister to become groomers. I have many favorite breeds- but a few breeds I like to groom in particular are Schnauzers, Shih-Tzu’s, and Poodles. I really enjoy grooming Poodles as there are a lot of different style cuts you can give them. I like to use a technique called ‘Hand Scissoring’ that makes the pets I groom come out beautifully. I am also very experienced in breed standard cuts. I have a Chihuahua, a Poodle, and a long haired cat.


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I have been grooming professionally for the past four years. I became a groomer because I have a deep passion and admiration for animals. I love to make them feel and look good. I got my grooming certification at the New York School of Dog Grooming. I believe I stand out from other groomers as I have a lot of patience and I groom with my heart. I make sure that the dogs I groom are comfortable and that they have a good grooming experience. I don’t have a favorite breed to groom- but I really take pleasure in grooming Maltese, Pomeranians and Yorkies! I have two dogs, Marky, a 7 years old Yorkie and Bianca a 1 ½ year old Chihuahua. I have a cat named Pimpinha, who’s seven years old. I have grooming at Happy Paws Pet Resort for two years.


Some examples of pets groomed with us at Happy Paws:

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Services We Offer

Bath & Brush-out

Your pet is given a thorough bath and dried using non-heat dryers. Your pet is brushed or combed. Your pet’s nails are clipped and pads are shaved. The sanitary area is trimmed. Your pet’s ears are checked, cleaned & deodorized. The anal gland is expelled.

Full Groom

Pet is pre-trimmed (start of selected hair cut). Your pet is given a thorough bath and dried using non-heat dryers. Finish up the haircut. Your pet’s nails are clipped and pads are shaved. The sanitary area is trimmed. Your pet’s ears are checked, cleaned and deodorized. The anal gland is expelled.

Your professional pet groomer will groom your pet to your request. If you prefer, we will select the most popular and fitting style for your pet from our wide range of options.

Spa Packages

Á La Carte Facial Scrub *
 Fresh Facial Scrub, Balancing facial cleanser, helps remove tear & beard stains.

Nail & Paw Treatment *
Cleans, soothes, revitalizes dry & cracked paws

Comfort Spa *
Includes Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherapy Treatment, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Renew Spa *
Includes Renew Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Renew Aromatherapy Treatment, and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Ultimate Spa Package *
Includes Fresh Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Nail Trim, Paw Treatment, Refreshing Aromatherapy Treatment and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner

Furminator de - Shedding Spa Treatment *
Includes massaging bath with the FURminator deShedding Shampoo that separates your pets coat, stimulates your pet ’s hair follicles. The Furminator deShedding Solution is applied. Your pet is dried with non-heat driers. The FURminator deShedding Tool does not cut, but grabs and removes the undercoat hair quickly and easily, leaving only the shiny and healthy top coat.

Additional Grooming Services

Shave Down *
Eliminate your pet’s heavy coat with a refreshing shave down. Great for those hot summer nights.

Nail Pawlish
Add a little pizzazz to your dog’s look with our amazing line of professional dog nail polish.

Sanitary Trim
Shave pet’s lower tummy and genital area. Needed to avoid those unsightly messes that can sometimes happen.

Ear Cleaning & Plucking
Routine dog ear care is very important to the health of your dog. Our professional groomers will check, clean and deodorize your pet’s ears. Some breeds will need to have the excess hair in their ears plucked to help avoid infections.

Soft Paws
An excellent solution to problem dog and cat scratching. Soft Paws are vinyl nail caps that are glued on to your cat or dogs existing nails.

Teeth Cleaning
Face, Tail & Feet Trim
Nail Trimming & Filing
Dematting *
Anal Gland Expression

Service is only available if pet is scheduled for a bath and brush-out as well. This service is not offered without the bath and brush out being done.

For pricing and availability please contact us at:
Tel: 212-431-6898 or email us at:

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