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1. Happy Paws Pet Resort is affiliated with the PCSA and the owners have all attended the classes required to be PCSA certified- But what is the PCSA?

The PCSA: Pet Care Services Association is an international trade association for pet care professionals, was founded in 1977 by a group of boarding kennel operators who strove to improve the level of service in their industry. For nearly three decades, the Association has carried out this responsibility and has broadened its scope through publications, education and accreditation programs, national conventions, regional meetings, and legislative efforts on behalf of responsible commercial (non-veterinary) pet care.

PCSA members offer a variety of services to pet owners including boarding, dog daycare, grooming, animal training, pet supply sales, and shipping

2. Why should a pet care facility register with the PCSA?

PCSA provides publications, regional meetings, a national convention, an education program, an ethics program, an accreditation program, an insurance program, information and networking. Basically, the association provides the members of PCSA with all the information and tools they need to ensure that their business offer the most professional, skilled pet-care available and provides pet owners with the information they need in order to select a pet-care provider. For more information about the PCSA please visit their website, http://www.petcareservices.org/

3. What are the vaccines that you require for boarding/daycare?

The Vaccinations that we require are Rabies, Distemper Parvo (DHLPP), and Bordatella. All of these given vaccinations must be up to date and current. We also require written proof from your veterinarian stating that these vaccines are current. If your dog is a puppy he must have completed all of his booster shots prior to entering the facility.

4. What is the Bordatella vaccine for?

The Bordatella protects some strains of Canine Cough. The Bordatella is a vaccination that is recommended when a dog is going to be in a close quarters with other dogs, such as in daycare or at a dog park. Harsh, dry, hacking cough is the characteristic sign of Canine Cough. The cough is unproductive and is often accompanied by gagging and retching.

5. Before my pet is able to be accepted, he/she must be evaluated. What is an Evaluation?

An Evaluation is a temperament and disposition test, to see what dogs your dog can be around, what kind of toys your dog likes, and what his past history is. We want to find out the most information that we can about your dog, so that we can care for him better at our facility.

Also during this evaluation we find out if your dog is suitable for the daycare and boarding environment and that your dog is able to be around other dogs as well.

It is always best to schedule an evaluation prior to drop-off for the first time. We recommend coming in advance to do the evaluation to make sure that you wonít run into any complications on the day of drop-off. Prior to the evaluation we do need the vaccination information and the registration form to be completed.

6. What if my dog is aggressive with dogs but great with people? Will he be able to board at your facility?

Yes, dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs but good with people will be allowed to board at our facility but will have limited play. He/she will not partake in community play with other dogs but will be able to have One-on-One time with our trained Technicians. We have a play room specifically designed for dogs that are aggressive with other dogs. This space is also used for dogs that not neutered/spayed and for geriatric pets that need gentler One-on-One play.

7. Can a dog be turned down from your facility?

Yes, a dog can be turned down as we do not accept aggressive dogs into the facility. We must be able to handle the dog and check over every body part of your dog during the evaluation. Your dog should not be toy aggressive, food aggressive, or leash aggressive. If your dog shows signs of aggression towards our Technician during the evaluation we will not be able to board or provide daycare for your dog.

8. What if my dog is turned down from your facility?

After a dog is turned down from our facility we recommend seeing a trainer to help work on any behavioral issues. Just because your pet has been turned down from daycare does not mean that he is a bad pet. The daycare and boarding environment is not for every dog. Some pets may do better at home with a Pet Sitter.

9. Why does my dog seem sluggish and or tired after boarding/daycare?

If your dog is not used to too much activity or exercise during the daycare hours, he or she may be quite tired after visiting Happy Paws. You might notice that he or she may be sore or tired at the end of the day. You could compare this to a person over-doing a workout at the gym after not having been there for an extended period of time. This is perfectly normal- pets will be tired after a long day of fun!

10. Does your facility offer food while my dog does daycare or board with you or do I have to bring my own food in?

Happy Paws does offer in house food brands for your convenience. Our foods include Wellness Super 5 Adult Mix, our Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato formula, and the Holistic Health Extension by Vetís Choice. If your dog is a on a prescription diet or on any other brand, we strongly recommend that you bring in their food in to avoid any upset stomach from your dog.

11. How old does my dog have to be before entering your facility

We recommend that your pet be at least 4 months of age prior to entering Happy Paw’s Daycare and boarding facility, but it is not required. However it is required that your puppy must have completed all his booster shots and received the Rabies and Bordatella vaccinations.

Any dog over the age of 10 years is required to have a written letter from your veterinarian stating that your dog is in good health and able to be in a daycare and boarding environment. We require this as dogs over the age of 10 are considered geriatric and may be more prone to getting ill.  

12. Do you offer any discounts for extended boarding?

Here at Happy Paws we do not offer any discounts for extended boarders. However, we do offer a complimentary exit bath on the date of departure for any dog staying for 5 or more days. This compliment bath includes a bath and brush out, so that your pet is nice and clean when you pick up. Any services of teeth brushing, nail clipping, eye cleaning, ear cleaning will result in an extra fee.

We offer a membership program that would entitle you to discounts off of our services please visit the membership section of our website.. http://www.happypawsinc.com/membership.asp

13. Do I need a reservation for daycare or boarding?

You do not need a reservation for daycare. You can come in and drop off as needed.

Boarding Reservations are always recommended, especially during the holiday season. Please call at least a couple of weeks in advance to book your reservation with us. Prior to us making a reservation we do need to evaluate your dog, have all of his vaccinations on file and for the registration form to be completed. Please schedule this appropriately so that we may fill your dogís needs.

14. Do you offer walks outdoors?

Here at Happy Paws we do not offer any walks outdoors, as it is a highly trafficked area.

Instead we have simulated daycare rooms made to feel as if your pet is out in the open. We feel that it is much safer to have your dog in a controlled environment rather than outdoors where we do not have power over extra risks, such as cars or unfamiliar dogs.

Our replicated rooms are designed to be like a dog run environment. Our rooms are made so that your pet will feel like he/she is spending the day outside with large windows facing streets on each of the daycare rooms. We will clean right after your pet when he/she eliminates. The rooms are also cleaned every afternoon and night while pets are on lunch and sleeping overnight. Each of our rooms is equipped with a great ventilation system, pumping fresh air into the room. The replicated rooms do not affect any house-breaking manners.

15. Do you offer any special programs or promotions at your facility?

We have a Platinum Membership that is $199 for the year and gives great discounts. You will receive 15% off of Daycare, Boarding, Transportation and Merchandise. You will also receive $15 off of grooming. We also have a special designed Insurance program for dogs that do boarding and daycare. Contact us for details.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at (212) 431-6898 or you can email us at paws@happypawsinc.com

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