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Happy Paws daycare services are designed to get your pet in an environment where play, exercise, and social interaction are the key components during his/her stay here at Happy Paws. Being indoors most of the time while you are away could leave any pet longing for some company and activity. Let Happy Paws give your pet the treat of some companionship and exercise while you tend to your busy schedule.

You can drop off your pet at 7am, or we can provide round trip transportation (see our transportation section). Once your pet arrives, our "Pet-Tech's" adhere to our play time schedules where your pet is exercised and interacts with other dogs. All interacting programs are with other dogs in the same weight range and temperament of your dog. Dogs also have the opportunity to get their "beauty sleep" in between play times. We provide relaxing music to the areas where they rest after a vigorous play time. Pets are provided feeding times based on their requirements for frequency and diet.

Curious what new friends your pet has made? Click on webcams and you will see them all interacting live!

Prior to you picking up your pet from his/her active day, you can schedule for grooming services that way your pet will came home to you looking sharp and smelling good.

You can pick your pet up at any time during the day up to 8pm or let your pet can stay in our boarding facility should the opportunity arise or be necessary to your schedule.

Overall, all pet activities are closely monitored so that your pet is guaranteed the most enjoyable Pet play time available! Our Happy Paws staff loves to see those tails wagging and the expressions a dog makes!



Happy Paws Daycare Rates
Regular Non-Member Rates      
  0-45LBS 46-98LBS 99LBS +
Dogs $42 $48 $54
Platinum Membership (15% Off)      
  0-45LBS 46-98LBS 99LBS +
Dogs $37 $42 $47

Daycare (1/2 Day up to 6 hours) $35

Happy Paws Prepaid PassPort Programs
How does it work? When you Prepay a plan of 10 days, 15 days or 20 days we will give you extra discount by give free days!

Regular Non Member Price      
  0-45LBS 46-98LBS 99LBS +
Ten Day Passport (expires 45 days from purchase) $420 $480 $540

Buy 10 get 1 Free Savings of 9%

Platinum Member Price
  0-45LBS 46-98LBS 99LBS +
Ten Day Passport (expires 45 days from purchase) $357 $408 $459
Buy 10 get 1 Free Savings of 9%
15 Day Passport (expires 60 days from purchase) $555 $630 $705
Buy 15 get 2 Free Savings of 12%
20 Day Passport (expires 90 days from purchase) $740 $840 $940
Buy 20 get 4 Free Savings of 17%
60 Day Passport (expireds 365 days from purchase) $2200 $2520 $2820
Buy 60 get 15 Free Savings of 20 %
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